Sep 22, 2013

First of all, when I took the photos it was so windy! You will see it while scrolling through the photos below but what I like about the weather is that it wasn't too hot nor too cold, it was just right. Now that's a perfect weather plus the winds blowing in.

My outfit here really took me out of my comfort zone because I'm not the biggest fan of peplums and body con dresses. I bought this dress because I love lace and I just totally adore the color of it too so why not give it a try. If you have notice, I don't really go for bold colors and such. To add a bit of contrast, I wore a violet necklace and the bag having streaks of violet too and just this week, I lost my name necklace someone grabbed it from my neck which really shocked and scared me like I didn't know what to do. Talk about poverty in the Philippines so screw you govt! Yes I am blaming them haha. For the guy who stole my necklace, I forgive you. I need to remake a new one tho! Just can't live without it. 

Dress & bag - SM dept store | heels - Primadonna | Watch - DKNY | necklace - Forever 21 

XX, Monica 


  1. wow that outfit looks expensive.. can i ask what brand is the dress? sm dept store dresses have brands right? do you share clothes with your sisters? who does most of the shopping usually? i remember in one of your posts you said your allowance was cut. but if you wanted to buy clothes, do your parents give you money?

    1. Hi, yeah they do actually. And the dress' brand is XARA, it is somewhat bit expensive for an SM dept store clothing. Yes we share clothes occasionally and all of us shop.

      About the allowance, yeah I still ask for them hahaha.

    2. oh ok.. do they have a limit or u can ask anytime u want? can i ask how much your allowance is? if its ok with you! :) but you dont need to if u dnt like

    3. Haha I actually can ask anytime but then I prefer not to so I wont be so dependent.


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