Sep 13, 2013

I don't normally take photos inside a mall because that is just awkward, people just stop and stare and I don't like it. Anyway I had nowhere else to take my photos so I did it quick. Good thing, only a few people passed by *laughs. 

I know LongChamp bags have been a trend for quite awhile now but it's not really my style to wear one but then I wanted to try though so I borrowed my sister's. And since today was running of errands day, I kept my look real simple.
Top & Leggings - Forever 21, Bag - LongChamp, Sandals - SO!Fab

If you have been following me on Twitter, you would know what my camera's current condition right now but if you don't, I'll give a recap. My baby(NikonD7000) fell and broke it's censor(maybe, not sure yet) so I rushed her(I like to refer it to a person) to the hospital(Nikon Service Center) in BTC and they told me I'd be needing cash for it because it would cost me a lot and because it's all my fault, I can't ask for my parent's and that just means extremely saving which is bit impossible since I'm out of school and I don't get any allowance haha poor me but anyway, I'm trying my best to be able to pay it off and that is the end of the story, I won't be seeing her for a month, they said. 

Gladly, I was able to borrow a camera here and I was able to rent a camera for today's shoot which is just sad because I realized I really cannot live without a camera, I use it all the time for blogging purposes and also for, work and who are you calling spoiled again? Hahaha I kid, love you anon askers. 

Warranty, please save me.
XX, Monica


  1. How much is your bag? It's nice.

  2. Thanks and it's actually my sister's, it's around 5k

  3. Why arent you studing na?

  4. hello, do original longchamp bags cost 5k? or higher? why no allowance if you're not in school? you mean during summer vacation your parents dont give you allowance too? i read in your other posts that your an interior design student. why did you stop?

    1. It depends with the style, this is the basic one and it's just plain. So it's 5k something.

      I stopped because I'm confused.

    2. thanks.. where did you buy it? where can i buy original longchamps?


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