Sep 9, 2013

A blog post of what my daily make up essentials are but don't be fooled, I'm still not a girly girl. I learned to use make up because of my friends and also through my sister who is really into make up. We girls use it to enhance to always look our best, don't we?  
Here's a make up grid of what's inside. You would notice my fave color too, any guesses? The eyebrow kit looks hideous since it's the most used among all, it's cheap and you can use it for a long time. Most of make up are Maybeline and in2it since I don't really buy expensive ones because I'd rather use money for clothes & shoes than make up but I'm still a girl, I also must make sure I don't look haggard. As for the other stuff like brushes and etc, I got them from Forever 21's Love&Beauty collection, I find them really cute and they just match my whole kit. Especially the curler that has a bit of ikat print on the handle and I just had to immediately buy it when I laid my eyes on the cutsie curler (even if they aren't really being used much haha) 
1. Victoria Secret Make Up Kit. 
2. Forever 21 lash curler
3. Forever 21 compact mirror
4. Aeropostale Lip Balm
5. In2it blush set, In2it eyebrow kit & Maybeline press powder
6. Forever 21 brush set
7. Maybeline Falsies Mascara
8. Maybeline BB cream & 4u2 liquid eyeliner

As always, thanks for reading.
XX, Monica 


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