Aug 31, 2013

From time to time, more and more people are asking me, how I edit my Instagram photos. Well, how do I edit my photos? It's your lucky day because I am giving a simple tutorial on how I edit them. It's very simple, all you need are these amazing photo apps, you can purchase them on the app store.

Two apps I use are VSCOcam (old version) I bought it months ago but now, they released a new free version of it but I don't really use it much cause I like the old one better. The 2nd app I use is Afterlight, what I like about this app is that I could add light leaks and dusty textures plus I could also put shapes and put my photos inside a polaroid film.


1. Here's the original photo as I opened it to the app of my choice. 
2. I tweak around the "exposure", I either adjust it to 1 or 2 and also "fill"
3. I crop and frame it how I want it to look like. I always make my photos 1:1 so it would fit inside Instagram square format. I rarely use apps like InstaSize or Squaready. 
4. I then choose a filter for it. Normally, I'd go for 04 or 05 and on rare occasions, I use 10 or 02
And there you have it! The final photo, ready to be published on ig.

1. Same as the first tutorial, I'd open the photo on the app of my choice, well of course how can we start if we won't open it.
2. Similar to VSCOcam, I tweak with the brightness for Afterlight and other stuff too. 
3. For Afterlight, they really have a lot of filters but then, I only use one which is "Russ" because it's the only one that pleases my eyes. All the other look a bit too much for me.
4. I like to play around Afterlight because of the light leaks and also the dusty textures. I love light leaks because they're a replica of a burnt film or an overexposed take from a film camera. Also for this photo, I didn't crop it to a square since I wanted to show my whole outfit, like what I said above, I use squaready on very rare occasions only. So that's basically it. 

I hope, I've taught you a thing or two about editing IG photos! Till my next tutorial. If you have any suggestions on what tutorial I'd do next, just comment below :) 

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XX, Monica 


  1. Can u do a tutorial on how to get great shots from your cam? X

    1. I'm actually doing one on one workshops so if you are interested please do email me or send me a message on Facebook! :)

  2. Hey, thank you for sharing this tutorial. But how do you reduce noise on photos if they are present? My friend recommended me this noise ruction plugin https://macphun.com/noiseless. And I love how simple it is. You can denoise your photos just in several clicks.


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