Aug 13, 2013

Lately, I found some neat craft blogs and I'm pretty much getting obsessed with them and how amazing they can make something out of the ordinary and it's DIY. So I have decided, to put some craft work on my blog too! So this would be my first post about that. It's all about Typography/Lettering/Calligraphy (I'm not really sure what's the exact word that suits it because some blogs that I've read call it Typography, oh well. Here it goes. 

The materials I used : Prang Watercolor, Berkely point 1 brush and my Berkeley watercolor pad.
 Georgia and Bebas
 Olivier and Sail

I'm still mastering this so there are much room for improvement, I'm also looking for calligraphy brushes and a lot of crafting materials.There are really more to come and I'm excited to make bags too, everything DIY! I just don't know where I could buy leather cloth for it. Let me know if you have an idea! 

Stay tuned to my craft blog. Teehee. 

XX, Monica

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