Aug 8, 2013


Yesterday, I went to the shop where I buy all my camera equipment, which is PRG Photoshop located near Baseline. Planning to buy a speedlite but I'm very much confused which I should get and nope, not getting a Nikon cause that is way far from my savings. I planned to get a third party speedlite which is Nissin or Youngnuo and that confuses me so much since I know so little about flashes. If you know anything or own one, please give me an advice what to buy, I would really appreciate it.

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I support Local Brands! This shirt is from Artwork and I haven't bought anything there ever since I was fourteen(??), during my "tween" days when it's so hard to find a shirt that fits my size. People call it the awkward stage too. I passed by Artwork a few weeks ago in one of their branches and saw they were on sale, so I tried checking it out maybe, there's something I'd like and well, I was able to buy a couple of shirts. Actually, this look is inspired from Nicole Batucan, she also blogs. Check her blog by clicking this. I got matching bracelets with my nieces, looks kiddie but it's cute with all the pink charms in it.


  1. I prefer Nissin, me and my father have been using it for a while now. And it just work well, we mostly use it for shooting events.

  2. Thanks, I actually made up my mind already to get Nissin today :)

  3. Good luck picking out a camera! I use a Nikon 1 and love it!

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  4. I already have a camera, I'm planning to buy a speedlite. I'm a Nikon user too! :)

  5. Your look here is perfect! :)


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