May 10, 2013

This is how I wear a baseball shirt. A very simple and clean casual look. I don't think I have to name brands lol. Anyway this summer is pretty much a bummer since I haven't been out lately nor have I hit the beach. Forever a lifeless loser on the internet. 

Enough about how life's been sucking up everything bout me but more of this look. Paired a 3/4's baseball shirt with shorts and typical sneakers, Keds and a snap back. I don't usually wear caps like these nor do I even wear caps. 
 I still have a necklace and a hair tie on this photo. Do you think I'm "swaggin" it out? Hnnnnnng, you must know that I'm kidding.
And that snap back isn't mine, it's my brother's of course.

So that's it for this look but but but, this post doesn't end here. I still have more to blog about(or not) But without further ado I shall begin my rants or shall I say blabbering. Summer is coming to an end but not for me! And now the real question is, what do I do? Where does my life go from here? Will I be online 24/7? Would I get a job?(and by that, I'd probably be a gas station girl cause I'm too over qualified, I mean under qualified to get a decent job) And no, I won't resort to being a "call center agent". That is at the bottom of my list. I cannot to talk to strangers trying to solve their problems when in fact I can't solve my own. Nor can I be on a sales department, I know I'm good at sales talking my parents into buying me stuff(insert evil laugh) but ughh other that, no. I will still continue pursuing what I always loved but not now, when the time is right. When I'm responsible enough according to my parents but I keep wondering when will I ever be but the good news kicks in! I don't have to go back to my previous sucky school. Yes, I hate San Carlos specifically CAFA, no wait I love CAFA. I hate Interior Design teachers there hnnnnng, die die die. I hate you, I hate you all. The bitterness has already gotten into me ever since my second year began.

I surely can't wait to be living the life in Manila but I'm not saying it's happening this year or the next but it will come, someday *laughs.

Thanks for reading my conspicuously self centered blog haha.

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