Apr 29, 2013

 Last weekend, my sister was invited by a friend that they go mountain climbing/trekking, she then wanted me to come and I also brought Mark with me since I don't really know who we're going with. We left Cebu at 6pm and got at Mantal...(something) place in Dalaguete at 10pm, we ate dinner there and started our trek to Osmena Peak, the scary part was we were trekking at night and it was very dark and stupid us, we didn't bring any flash light or emergency light but then luckily, someone let us borrow theirs. Whew so we had one speck of light for the whole trek with us. It took us two hours to get to the peak after that we set up our tents for camp.

 We woke up at 5am, thinking that there would be a beautiful sunrise ahead of us but then there's this huge thick fog that's covering everything so we couldn't see a thing. /face palm. You would also notice our that we clearly do not know how to set up a tent, yes we are amateurs. Well hello, I've never set up a tent in my whole life and neither did my buddies, I mean they probably have but that was years ago but at least we survived the night without it collapsing fully *laughs.

After breakfast my sister and I wanted to go home already cause we didn't plan on going with them to Kawasan falls because we weren't equipped enough but then we didn't have a choice cause we have no idea how to get to a bus station and the only way out of that peak is going trekking with them. So we just went with them to Kawasan. At first, it was all fun and exciting but then when we had like 2 hours of trekking we got tired and more tired and my legs were starting to shake and it really was exhausting for all of us. Good thing, we had a stop over at some random place and there was this old lady that sells Buco juice and we were able to spend minutes to rest then we continued our journey towards the falls. All in all, it was a 6 hour trek from Osmena peak to Kawasan falls and if you're from Cebu you would know that we trekked from Dalaguete all the way to Badian.

When we got to the falls, it was all worth it. It was also our first time to go to Kawasan and what a beauty it was. I mean really the waters were turquoise blue so purdyyyyy! I call it the killer trek because literally we almost died. It was my first time trekking and it was already on an extreme level, sensei(our guide) didn't inform us we'd have to trek that far but it really was a great experience. Mountain climbing slashed off my bucket list.

All photos taken from GoPro, gladly I didn't bring my DSLR or else it would probably die.

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  1. Where did you buy your GoPro? And how much? :D I love reading your blog btw. :)


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