Apr 11, 2013

Last Tuesday, April 9, 2013 we had a photo shoot for Bananarific (a product and brand ambassadors shoot). Bananarific is an upcoming business by Entrepreneur students of the University of San Carlos they will be selling different healthy food products that would contain banana, it is very healthy and affordable. Here are some behind the scene photos from our shoot.

Models(Brand Ambassadors): Katherine Somosot, Jessika Knight & Serimi Kono
HMUA: Raisa Bercede
Stylist: Tina Monsanto of Stich in the City, assisted by Jess Alegarbes 
Studio set up: Mangga Studio
Photographer: (me) Monica Posadas
Videographer: Mark Ambalong 

Here are some sample shots but I wouldn't want to release more photos yet until the client tells me to. Well apparently, I am still incapable of releasing since I don't have anything to show you guys cause lately, I've been having this photoshop dilemma with editing photos, I'm using raw as my file format and I can't open it until I get my photoshop plug ins updated and that would be so much easier if my photoshop was bought and is not the cracked/hacked/pirated version of it. I mean who could afford such pricey software? Unless you're really doing it as a business, you need a licensed one. Anyway since it's a hacked version, I'm pretty sure there's still a way to crack the camera raw plug ins. There must be a way cause if not I can be summed up in two words, DEAD MEAT.

All three ambassadors are indeed, very pretty. They are quite a natural although we had some trouble with the commercial shoot and it will be released this June, right before school starts so keep posted and wait for their Facebook page and hit the like button (y). 

And if anyone of you wants to book me too, you can personally message me on Facebook for all sorts of different events and shoots. 

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