Mar 7, 2013

For our final plate in Furniture Design, we were asked to group ourselves and make our own furniture. We made different sketches and decided we'd make a throne for a mermaid. Thus, we made the frame like a clam shell and it lights up and stuff like that, it was one brilliant idea. Although, after doing study and sketches on furniture our teacher will choose one from our designs and unfortunately, he didn't choose Ariel's throne but instead he choose this. A conversation chair made of indigenous Filipino materials.

This is our scale model for our furniture and we named it "Anito Anita". Why? Because the material used for the backrest is Nito hence the name Anito and  since it has a twin chair, we named the other one Anita. Simple. My fellow designers are Roxy Viajar, Maique Villegas and Dianne Estuart.

Unfortunately, we didn't pass it on time which broke our hearts and my super freak out moment in the CAFA lobby when the clock stroke 5 and our furniture wasn't still in sight which sort of got me attention and no, I'm not an attention seeking whore, it's just too painful that all our hard work goes to waste, I wish Roxy was there when it happened so I'd have a "freak-out buddy" since my other two fellow group mates went to the factory so I was alone in CAFA. Sigh. It's not entirely our fault because (1)Our furniture maker said it's on process every time we check (2)We gave them a 2 weeks span to make this (3)They are lazy (4)They made it the day of the deadline. It got delivered in CAFA at around 6:30 and the deadline time was at 5:00 so I guess we're getting a 4.0 on this but I really hope our teacher won't be that hard on us and just accept our furniture and grade it like everybody else's. Why are so unlucky all the time.                                    

Anyway, this is for sale just PM me on Facebook or anywhere else. We can also go for bidding if there are actually avid buyers but I'm pretty there won't be. Ha.


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