Puss in Boots

Jan 29, 2013

I'm no fan of kitty cats but then, I always get reminded of puss when it comes to boots. Here's my outfit during our short trip to Manila and if anyone of you here's wondering why we flew there it's because we attended our grandmother's birthday.
 Oh dear, I'm so inlove with Serendra and Bonifacio High Street, I wish there were places like that here in Cebu. It's so peaceful and calm there, I think it's the best place to chill too! They've got all sort of shops and restaurants, I was even able to buy a box of French macarons. Anyway, about my outfit I wore a white polo, an aztec skirt and a pair of kick ass combat boots. And yes, I will overuse them. I will also be posting another outfit but sadly, I wasn't able to take pictures with it when I wore it. Call me a cluts cause I really am, I left the memory card in Cebu and I had to buy a new one when we got to the mall. So I shall be re-wearing my outfit just to take photos though it won't take that fast cause I have truckloads of schoolwork to do.
 I only had these accessories on my arm which is a bracelet and watch because wasn't able to bring that much accessories there. I also opted for a dark blue sling bag.
 I have fat legs T.T even my mom told me that I need to lay low with the food I eat, I agree that I've been eating a lot these days. Geez, need to lessen my carb intake and yes to exercise...OR NOT.
top-sunny side up
skirt(c/o Roxy)-Forever 21
combat boots-Forever 21

And that's it for my look! I shall be blogging 2 more posts but first, I must finish two midterm projects which are due tomorrow and the next. 

Before I leave, I would like to clear out that I am not a fashion blogger because I only post my outfits every once in awhile so please don't expect too much  cause I don't want people to criticize my senses in fashion. We all have different styles and it's a matter of how we carry ourselves. 

Ciao for now! XX,


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