Jan 31, 2013

I've decided to make a "photo diary" every month so I'd be able to update my blog and feed my readers since they asked for it and no I'm not taking you guys for granted like what I received recently on my, it's just that sometimes, I have nothing to post here so stop complaining. I never begged you to read my blog anyway. Nuff said. But still, a big thank you to those who never get tired of reading my blog even how boring it gets.

Majority of the photos here were taken in Manila since I'm not prepared for this post but starting today, I'd take random shots of stuff that's been happening from now and then. 
 I am a very big fan of French macarons. I want those from Lauderee but then we don't have it here in the locals and I bet it's really pricey. First time to try macarons which are not from Vanille since that's the only shop I know in Cebu that sells these. NEW FLAVORS! Hooray. My personal fave is chocmint.
 Thumbs up for Jamba Juice's smoothies, they really taste good! Plus they have a very friendly staff.
 And yet again, it would never be complete without a "vain" photo with this little kid right hurrrr. Say hi to my fourteen year old sister who acts like she's my mom. *laughs.This is us on a regular basis at home. Living the simple life.
 This was taken at the cemetery where my grandfather was buried, we visited him and I decided to take a few shots of the cemetery.
Lastly, a photo with my sisters shopping at Serendra. Yay for Cotton On.

That's it for my first photo diary of the year. One more thing, I'd also like to clarify that I am not rich, scratch that, we are not rich. I live in a family with an average life, we probably belong to the middle class and that my life isn't perfect and all that. It's very flattering for people to say they'd want to trade places with me even for a day or two but trust me, I don't live in charmed life.  I'm also not trying to act rich or as what we call "social climber" which I find very humorous, if you only knew me well, I bet you wouldn't say that. So to sum it up, I'm just an average teenager trying to seize the day by living through it and documenting it here on my blog(well, some of it).

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