Dec 4, 2012

What  I wore to my post birthday dinner with my family at Feria, Radisson Blu. Just a simple A-line dress in maroon with a little studs near the shoulder area. Simply elegant, though I wanted to pair this with my chunk heels but then, I didn't want to let my feet suffer for the whole night, it just might be ruining it, I went with a pair of comfy (overused) flats. I still am not used to myself as an eighteen year old girl.
 I also love my latest iPhone case, it's in Lavender, pastel colors just add that hint of feminism in an instant.
 My accessories are quite simple to, just a necklace and two bracelets, I'm loving the one with spikes. Can't get enough of spikes these days.
 Sorry for the ugly photo but anyway, that necklace is a gift from my sister, Airi. I've always wanted to have a necklace with my name on it but didn't know where I could get it done so to my surprise, my sister gave me this, you can get yours to at The Bead Shop for a very cheap price.

Don't mind the title for this post, I just couldn't think of anything else. Just because my dress is Maroon, Maroon 5 was the first thing to pop in my mind *laughs.

I shall be blogging about my post birthday dinner in a while so keep posted! :) 

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