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Nov 27, 2012

My blog is not just a fashion blog but also a blog where I can pour all my deepest thoughts and feelings(yeah right lol it's not like I would share all those publicly ) and since, I plan to keep this blog for as long as I can, I should start writing I mean typing more often.

How am I lately? I could ask the same and there's only one answer to that and that is, empty. I don't know the real reason behind my emptiness, really have no clue. I mean I go to school, laugh with all my friends but when I'm left alone, there are these weird thoughts I have that's making me all crumbly inside. Whatever, this is just so not me. I tend not to show emotions most of the time cause I believe there's no point of showing them cause nobody cares, might as well keep them all locked up inside, right? RIGHT. I'm probably not making a lot of sense right now. So I better shut it.

Horray it's my birthday tomorrow, so stoked. NOT. I even wish to skip school tomorrow if only I can but I absofreakinglutely cannot cause I got a major class tomorrow and we only meet once a week. Sigh. For some reasons, I just feel like being an introvert on my birthday, as usual. I'm not really the type who celebrates much during their red letter day. But on the other hand, wait there is no other hand, I just wanna skip school tomorrow, lock myself up and watch movies while I drown myself in chips and sodas. Who's the couch potato? I am *laughs. So I've been wondering, what could get me hyped not to skip school tomorrow? I could go on and about reasons not to but I just can't think of a single one that would make me want to attend to school. Plus people kept greeting me awhile ago and it's not even my birthday, what is wrong with you people. Well at least, they tried.  

Forgive me for ranting and blabbering about my vapid thoughts. Don't worry, next week for sure. I'm done about all these birthday dilemma. So ciao for now! Good luck to me tomorrow. Ha. 

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