Nov 24, 2012

My previous post lacked photos now I think I went overboard for posting too many.  
Today's Sunday outfit I went through mom's closet and found this tribal print skirt which I used as a dress(see photo below) Powers of a beatnik. I've always loved tribal and ethnic prints, I think it's some kind of get away from all the modern trends. 
 And you also might have notice the slight change with my hair, I sort of got rid of my ombre but it didn't totally come off though so you can still see some light brown at the tips of my hair but at least, it's not that bleached anymore since I applied something to it, looks like a gradual change of brown. I don't make sense, do I? Back to my outfit for today, I matched this dress with a Kimono blazer from Forever 21 and a pair of flats from Celine.
 I was bringing along with me this clutch or whatever it is, probably a mix match cause of the polka dot print it has but oh well, print wars it is! That's how they do it in the fashion industry.
 I consider my self as free-spirited, that is why my title for this is radical beatnik, beatnik is another term for free-spirit. Even though I'm free-spirited, it seems like my freedom's taken away from me. Thanks to my ever loving overly attached parents HAHAHAHA. Yes, capslock intended cause I find it funny.
 This necklace was one of my cheap bargains during a sale at SM last summer and I've only worn it today for the first time ever, hooray for me. Still from Forever 21, I'm getting sick of all these Forever 21 stuff. Can I have Zara and H&M instead *laughs Still not the type who over-accessorize, most people/bloggers these days stack a lot of accessories, I mean I would too if I had a gazillion of 'em.

What's up for this week? Well of course, my birthday would probably be the highlight and sadly, I'm a sick rotten tomato. Why now of all the days during the year? I've been healthy all year but now I'm coughing and sniffing this colds way back to my nose(Okay that was totally gross) and having major headaches. Geez. It's not like I'm gonna be out partying on my birthday that I need to restore my health, I'm just saying that I hate getting sick. That is all that I ask for, maybe not, cause I seriously  a car and lotsa money but I'm just thinking of the impossible when I should be facing reality. 

Whatever is bound to happen for the week, then LET IT BE! 


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    1. Cause I am haha, I'm totally kidding.
      It's probably because of the hem of the dress.

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  3. Haha every sunday na sya blog oh chorlongs :D

    1. Well of course, when I have the opportunity, why not blog the outfit haha. Sayang sad. Tagsa rata mag dress up.


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