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Nov 18, 2012

Because all the pictures got corrupted and I only saved four, such a bummer. I had good photos for this outfit now it's all gone and the remaining photos aren't that good. This sucks big time but then, blogging can't be stopped, I must continue with this post. Still though, what a waste it was. 
 My sunday outfit was a bit playful because of the bright colored pink skirt that I wore which is actually a dress. I love altering/ mix matching my clothes because it's as if you have lots of clothes but then you just wear them in different ways. A creative mind indeed. This aztec top is Roxy's, I love how my friends and I share our wardrobes *laughs. Some people might find it weird but nah, it's whatever even the "IT girls"(Anne, Georgina, Belle, Liz and Solenn) share clothes as they confessed it in their quirky video during their shoot for a magazine.

I kept hair in a ponytail because I think it's the quickest way to style or I'm just too lazy to comb it, got that right! Lazy as ever, why am I not surprised. 
 The only accessory I wore is this Kenneth Cole watch because I am really running out of bracelets, sad but true. I wanted to have an arm party by putting in all sorts of bracelets but just didn't find anything I have that would look good together so I just went for the a simple time keeper. 
These adorable wedges are from CMG, I love how heels cheat my height. How I wish I was taller. 
Runs in the genes, I have short parents. 

If only I had those photos back, gee, can't get over it. But oh well, life goes on.
It's Monday again tomorrow. Sigh, school hasn't been this great(insert sarcasm tone)

I guess that would be all for now, thanks for reading! 

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