In Full Bloom

Nov 29, 2012

All grown up they say cause I just turned 18, well they think I'm mature well in fact, I'm still my old self *giggles. On my birthday, I wore something sophisticated to school. (I look retarded on most of the photos though haha)
Like what I said, I look retarded, photos from above and below. I don't really have much decent photos.
I wore a cropped white top from WAGW, these pair of brown pants from Republic and I need to buy one too because I get really attracted to brown/khaki jeans. Gold flats from People are People and bag from Forever 21, watch from Guess and necklace from Accessorize.
 I can still see my ombre and it is still there. Hmmm, only way to get rid of it is by chopping it off but not now, I don't want to suddenly go short hair. Even if I tried to achieve a look that is sophisticated, I still wanted to look like a teenager, of course, I mean who would want to look like they're in their 30's or something and by that, I added a hint of fun by showing off a little skin with this cropped top.
 I mentioned that my friends gave me a necklace as their gift, so here it is. It's an eye, they picked it because it's in my favorite color which is teal/aquamarine. It's as if I were illuminati.
 And that's it for my birthday outfit to school. Simple, chic and sophisticated. 

So what do you think? Comments?  :)

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