Black November

Nov 4, 2012

 A plain black dress for the first Sunday of November and why hello there birthday month, I wonder what's in stored for me, I just hope everything goes smoothly. I don't want to be bummed about anything and so far, so good except for one thing that I did and I totally regret but I'm not putting it down here cause this blog is way too public. I don't want to be judged wrongly cause people won't understand, I mean not everybody.

Paired up this LBD with a cute pair of brown flats from So!FAB, necklace from Forever 21 which I clearly am overusing already hihi, sling bag from SM accessories and that bracelet from Accessorize. 
Baby blue nails it is, such a lovely color. My nails are dying already, need a new mani-pedi soon but then again, too lazy to do that.

Anyway, tomorrow classes resume and I haven't been enrolled yet cause my ismis got blocked and it's a long and tiring process for it to get unblocked. Great, now I have to go to school extra early so I won't be caught up with all the zombies that are gonna line up for the enrollment and adjustment. I just hope I could wake up early tomorrow. Good luck to me and to all of us, really. If ever I don't get enrolled, well hello OSY for me. I don't really care that much now if I'd be able to go to school or not, maybe just tired of living up to my parents' expectations.

That's probably everything I have in mind today, not much ey?


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