18. It's Just Another Age in Your Life

Nov 22, 2012

Well what do we have here, another year, another wrinkle? I hope not. As what of you most do not know, a week from now is my birthday, yup I will be turning eighteen and no, I don't feel any different. Thoughts that popped in my skimpy head today.
1. People wouldn't know it's your birthday if it weren't for Facebook unless they're your REAL friends and they'd be able to remember when you were delivered to this mortal earth. 
2. 18 is just another year in your life, you don't need to celebrate a grand party. 
3. I don't like throwing parties, I suck at that.
4. I don't like birthday wall posts on my Facebook. 
5. Hence, I will be disabling people to post on my wall. Just don't greet me if you're only gonna say "HBD" That is so annoying.

Like what my title on this post is, I don't really get why girls make it such a big deal when they turn eighteen, really now. It has never occurred to me that I wanted a debut even when I was still a little girl, I mean boy, why boy? Because all my childhood days, I played with my brothers, I bought stuff guys played like pokemon, yu-gi-oh, beyblade and the like. See how boyish I was as a little kid? Till it hit me, to start acting like a real girl when I met my sister, it's a long story of how we met. Anyway, this blog post is not about my childhood. It's about me and my legality, I don't really expect a lot of things to change because 18 is just like any other year in our lives or so do I think. Wouldn't it be a waste to spend thousands and thousands of pesos for a debut party? Well at least for me, it seems like a waste but I'm not telling people not to throw one cause that would suck, I just love to attend debuts, especially getting all dressy dressy and the food of course and if it wasn't for ladies turning eighteen we wouldn't have paid photoshoots, so cheers to your eighteen years of existence!

 On the other hand, I don't think I'll be more mature, I'm seventeen years old for crying out loud and whenever my friends and I pass at Candy Corner we still crave for those sweet treats. How odd for college students to act like that, embarrassing yet that's the truth, we are immature, I am immature. I do admit I'm juvenile for so long, I don't know how to act mature but I think it's about time. Time to deteriorate and grow up, be a more productive individual. Need to make wise decisions and for a second there, I sound so infallible hahaha. Here I go again, making resolutions I won't even try to do, well I do try but I get tired and go back to my old self. Teehee! I guess that's just me and that's how I roll. Peace!

That would be all for now. 

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