Oct 26, 2012

I look so pale and hideous. Jeez, been stuck in the house yesterday and now I look like crap. 

Why shades of brown? Probably because I got influenced by shades of gray and no, I haven't read that book, it's like you're watching porn but instead of seeing it with your own eyes, you read it and let your mind do its powers. I don't have plans of reading it anyway, I think it's too obscene. Well for me at least.

Today, I tagged along my rents and my little sister because mum asked me to come with them. Ran a few errands then ate somewhere and gladly I came with them because mum took me shopping, yay me! I got a few sets of clothes to add to my lame wardrobe. Outfit of the day is a lace top from Forever21, necklace still from there. Pants from Republic, bag from Billabong and my sparkly shoes from People are people. And you know what I really need now? Major shoe shopping! Feels like all my doll shoes are dying already. 
Hafta say goodbye to my old ones and hello for upcoming shoes(If by chance, I'd be able to go shoe shopping cause I'm totally broke right now) 

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