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Sep 28, 2012

Yes, I know I'm a little bit overdue about instagram cause it was trending a couple of months ago and I just decided to join it now. I was so anti Instagram before but that doesn't mean I hated it, it's just people seem to start boasting and how charmed they're lives are haha. This just makes me sound so bitter. Anyway, after dissing a few people about instagram, I found myself getting kind of into it lately. Posting photos of random stuff about my daily activities. I have to admit, it is fun.

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I was up all night yesterday making my furniture design plate which was passed earlier today and man! Do I feel relieved. One down and three more to go! it was really crammed, the plate was given a month ago but then I chose to do it at the last minute. It wasn't really that bad either. I guess I was born to be a slacker.
I love listening to Indie music while I do my plates, I mean actually even if I'm not doing my plates. It's what I call, good music rather than listening to all those mainstream annoying songs like Taylor Swift's, Oppa gangnam and the like. They sound really annoying, no offense. 

I also watched Perks of being a Wallflower yesterday with my favorite guy. Hmmmm. The movie was good but I should have read the book first. I bet it's way better than the film. It's always like that, but still need to find a book I could borrow. Anyone willing to let me borrow theirs? Or even a PDF file will do *giggles. If anyone's kind enough to lend me, i would really appreciate it. Thanks anyway! :)

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  1. Aw ana jud na haha. Ikaw ra juy tig comment sakong mga post dah. Lul.


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